Please complete and submit the King’s Kids Permission & Release Form below.

As a parent of a child participating in Sharon’s King’s Kids ministry, I will: 1. Support this ministry with my prayers and by giving my attention to any special needs or situations. 2. Make every effort to have my child at all Sharon church services during which the King’s Kids are asked to sing or participate. 3. Notify the church office on a weekly basis if my child will not be attending that week. This notification will be done no later than 9 AM the morning of King’s Kids. 4. Pick up my child by 5:30 PM, and, in the case of an emergency or special circumstance, will notify the church of my delay by calling 842-2929 or 842-2940. 5. Recognize and understand that this is a ministry of the church for the purpose of developing Christian character and growing spiritually.