Part of being a family is supporting each other in good times and in times of need. Our church family strives to prayerfully provide one-on-one encouragement, comfort, and hope to those needing support—whether it's the joyful arrival of a newborn, traumatic loss of a loved one, or anything in between.

Do you need to speak with a pastor? Please call the church office at (910) 842-2929 to schedule a session, a visit, or prayer, or to address any other spiritual needs. You can also plug into one of the regular prayer times provided on the Pray page.


Whether in times of celebration or struggle, we want to be prayerfully by your side through your journey. We strive to provide meals, transportation, care, and hospitality at local hospitals, Hospice centers, and nursing homes, and to pray, share scripture, and encourage those in need as much as possible. In order to accomplish this, it’s important that you call the church office to communicate your needs and not rely on social media, word of mouth, or telling a team member on the way out of the church. Let us hear from you.

If you're interested in serving on a care team, contact the church office at (910) 842-2929.


It is our goal to provide a variety of safe group environments for creating supportive relationships with others experiencing similar life struggles. That’s often the way we learn, feel supported, and begin the healing process. Throughout the year we host a variety of support groups and classes, including wellness and recovery groups, our Widows/Widowers group, and T.O.P.S. (Take Pounds Off Sensibly). T.O.P.S., which meets in the Sharon fellowship hall on Mondays at 10:00 AM, is an international, non-profit, weight-loss support and wellness education organization.